Red Star Line Postcards – Julien t’Felt

Thanks to Ned Paul for info on the Julien t’Felt Set.

tfelt-venice-clean   ffelt

So far 2 cards have been identified… do you know of any more? If so please drop us an email with a scan and we will add them to the catalogue!


Red Star Line Post Cards – Set L

L1L1, No FlagL1, Red Flag     L2L2, Black FlagL2, Red Flag

L3L3, Red Flag     L4 L4     L5L5, Black FlagL5, Red Flag    L6L6, Red Flag

L7L7, No FlagL7, Black FlagL7, Red Flag L7, No Flag, Menu Top

L8L8, Black FlagL8, Red Flag     L9L9, Black FlagL9, Red Flag     L10L10, Black FlagL10, Red Flag

L11L11, Black FlagL11, Red Flag     L12L12, Black FlagRSL-Postcard-L12