7 Cards

Publisher: O.de Rycker and de Rycker & Mendel Printers Brussels

Artist: Henri Cassiers

Print Type: Chromolithography

Earliest Known Use: 6th April 1906, C4 Dated Menu on Finland

Latest Known Use: 22nd November 1913, C4 Dated menu on Finland


Images The 7 cards showed Red Star Line posters, the cost of which was shown at the top of the card. This amount varied over the years

  • C1 – Poster Number 12
  • C2 – Poster Number 2
  • C3 – Poster Number 3
  • C4 – Poster Number 10
  • C5 – Poster Number 1
  • C6 – Poster Number 9
  • C7 – Poster Number 13


3 printings

The Private Mailing Card printing was neither lettered nor numbered
The Un-Divided Back and Divided Back printings carried both letter C and were numbered 1-7

The RSL text varied slightly between cards

Five cards used the Belgian spelling of Antwerp, while
two used the French spelling