6 Cards

Publisher: O.De Rycker and Mendel, Bruxelles

Artist: Henri Cassiers

Printing: Chromolithography


The 6 cards showed RSL Vaderland class liners

  1. B(i) printing on PMC with no letter or number. They advertised the Antwerp – New York route.
  2. B(ii) UDB cards were lettered BB and numbered. The Antwerp –Boston route was added.
  3. B(iii) DB cards were lettered B and numbered. Some B and BB cards had the red disc on the rear

Earliest Known Use: 31st October 1901, B1 Dated Menu on SS Zeeland

Latest Known Use: 9th October 1910, BB4 Postmark

Subject: Posters

  • Six onlookers and liner
  • Liner in port
  • Red jacket
  • Tile mosaic
  • Vaderland and Santa Maria
  • Liner and green wave


Can be found prefixed with a B (Separate Cards), BB (Menu Toppers) or Unnumbered (Menu Toppers).

There are also variations with various route combinations noted, including some variations to the designs to accommodate the additional text.