Key Dates in the history of the Red Star Line:

  • 1872 Belgian subsidiary set up in Antwerp. This was the start of the RSL as we know it. Funnel colours – black with white band containing red star Route – Antwerp to Philadelphia until 1902
  • 1876 Route – New York until 1904
  • 1884 Funnel colours – buff with red star and black top
  • 1893 Funnel colours – black with white band
  • 1902 Route – Antwerp via Southampton to New York until 1904
  • 1904 Route – Antwerp via Dover to New York until 1914
  • 1920 Route – Hamburg to New York direct for one year only
  • 1921 Route – Antwerp to New York direct until line closure
  • 1935 RSL ceased trading and the remaining ships, Pennland and Westernland, sold to the Arnold Bernstein Line Hamburg

There were a few minor short-term changes in routes. These do not influence the card images or set sequencing and are not listed here.