Pellens was born in 1872 in Antwerp as the only son of Josephus and Sidonia De Cuyper.

He gained initial technical knowledge in his father’s workshop, which was metal engraver. From 1886 he followed the course of years “wood engraving” at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, as a student of Professor Edward Vermorcken .

He turned it into a talented wood carver and engraver. Gradually he became a master in the traditional wood carving. On November 23, 1904, he was appointed to organize a wood carving course at the new Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Edward Pellens-1912-Atelier_inst_beaux_arts

After the death of his teacher Vermorcken, Pellens took up the leadership given the new “studio Pellens” by Royal Decree on February 26, 1906. He continued to fulfill this position until his retirement in 1933.

Pellens was on the advisory committee of the Museums of Archaeology and Applied Arts, and was active in the Societé the wood engraving de Paris, La Gravure originale Belge and the Scalden.

Pellens died at the age of 75.